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when you will get the voting right
how long you have had the right*
if you're Japanese.

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*We assume that you were born on January 1.
**It is the numerical value of 2016.


18-year-old Voters?

This page's information may be not latest because a lot of time has passed since we renewed it.
Please accept it beforehand. If you inquire something, please do from here.


In June 2015, we heard the news that "The right to vote is given from the age of 18". That election we do not know like we know. We made a web site to tell a lot of people.You can see the each page from the menu above.

First, Refer to learn the right to vote.You can learn about the right to vote from a variety of fields.

Please have a look!

This website won
the gold prize and
the best-domain-naming prize
in the All japan secondary school and high school web contest.

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